Customizing Sites (Themes & Branding)

When you first set up your U.COTC account, your site has default settings for title, comments, privacy, and theme. You can change themes, create new menus and add widgets as a way to customize your site.

General Settings

When you create your first site, the default title will be [your]lastname.# with the default tagline “just another site.” For your first customization, you should give your site a personalized tagline and site name.

To do so, go to your dashboard and choose Settings from the left toolbar. From here you can enter your desired Site Title and Tagline and set your site’s display conventions for date and time. You can also change your site title and tagline, as well as view additional customization options using the Customizer. See Using the Customizer for details.

While it is not required, we recommend that users create additional pages for their contact information and an “about me” introduction.