What’s Next-Future Tech

3D printing-

This is a printing method using an additive strategy. Materials are built up in layers to create an object from a download made using 3D software. This creates less waste than using a subtractive strategy. Once using the 3D software there is a slicing software needed to bring it to the printer.

A large part of the 3D printing is done for industrial purposes. As this technology is advancing from just being able to create prototypes it is becoming more heavily integrated into our lives. Some examples would be eyewear, prosthetics, movie props, and more.

Though the technology had selected interest since the early 1980’s but it wasn’t until 1986 that Charles Hull patented the first 3D printer.

The 3D printer today has the potential of offer its users quicker products. The waste of excess material is also a perk when using the 3D printer versus using the subtractive method we have often used to create products. These benefits could in some circumstances create a financial benefit as well.

Some drawbacks of 3D printing, as the technology is still relatively new, could be the versatility of materials and not having a limit selection of usable materials. This technology can also be expensive. An alarming part of this technology is, as it becomes more readily available, whose to say what people could potentially build with them. The possibility of weapons being built with such technology could be highly problematic.

The widespread adoption of 3D printing int the medical care field is quite interesting. 3D printing offers the possibility of cheaper products like prosthetics. The continued research could allow for replication of blood vessels, tissues and cells. This could go on to help injuries or illnesses that otherwise could seem impossible. If 3D printing research continues, who knows, maybe there would be options for people who need transplants.



Mobile Apps


FitOn is a fitness app mostly targeted toward women. This app has various types of workouts to help people choose a routine best for them. There are also regular challenges, target area workouts, and celebrity workouts. Workouts are organized in a way that allows the user to choose from type, target area, time, intensity, or trainer. Live workouts with other members are also an option if users are better motivated that way. FitOn has a paid membership that gives meal plans and recipes.

It appears that FitOn has gone through a few rounds of fund raising to receive equity financing from multiple investors. There is also slight revenue from the pro memberships available.

In order to use this app to the fullest I would recommend first exploring to find out what you like, there are a few start up challenges that help keep you motivated until it’s more of a routine and less forced. Also, with this app there is a great opportunity to invite your friends and schedule workouts together. Keeping track of your progress and choosing your goal path is a great way to keep you interested and helps the app navigate a starting path for you.




Credit Karma-

Credit Karma is an app that helps people keep an eye on their credit. It is a “soft look” at your credit so its not 100% accurate but it’s able to show changes in credit based on recent activities. It also makes suggestions that could potentially better your credit. The target audience for this app is people of an age to start working on their credit and wanting to have more knowledge about their credit or even monitor their credit. They also have extended their products to tax services and savings account option.

As I mentioned Credit Karma makes suggestions, often these are in the form of ads for credit cards that you could use to consolidate or to decrease interest percent or even transfer balance. This is how Credit Karma makes its money. They receive a commission for the recommended products that are bought by their customers.

Some helpful ways that I have used Credit Karma are the simulator that they have which helps give you an idea of what a new decision like opening a new credit card will do for your credit. There are also monitoring options that keep you informed of a change in score by sending you an email. The information prompts you to check your score, it does not openly tell you those details in an email. There is also the option to dispute things found that do not belong to you, this is very helpful in an age when fraud is unfortunately so common.



The Cloud – Cloud services review


Like many, we access Netflix on our TV. It’s not a very new or fancy updated TV it’s the beginning of the smart TV line. That being said, I don’t think we would be able to access Netflix very well without the cloud. My understanding is still very rocky but I’m guessing my TV doesn’t have much storage and having to download all of the shows or movies I, or my family wanted to watch would be extremely difficult. Occasionally I hear about services like Netflix being hacked and have some concern, but we try to watch our accounts and be diligent about passwords and we take precautions of that nature.

Google Drive-

I discovered google drive when I got my first google pixel phone. I fell in love and was pleasantly surprised to find, with such ease, that my pictures and other things I didn’t realize I still had, found their way into the google drive to live there safely. Without the cloud it would not be the same. Part of what makes it work with such ease is the cloud. I don’t have to worry about the things I create or open on my phone. I can easily access them on a computer when I need to, and I don’t have to constantly email myself. Which is what I used to do. I do have security concerns with google drive. I’m very protective of what I put on the internet and so I know I contradict that by trusting in google drive as much as I do. Like everything else I try not to put certain documents up if I don’t need to and delete things I don’t want up after use. This isn’t full prove but it makes me feel a bit better.

Digital Media Design- Where can you turn for help?

Source #1- Creative blog: Art and Design Inspiration


I stumbled upon this blog while searching for some refreshers on my digital design skills and found it to be quite helpful. I found several blogs that had lists of helpful tips and videos. There are videos about 2020 trends in design. There is a page to share a little about the team behind this blog though it is very small and not fully inclusive. Each blog has the author and you can find a description of these authors though they are not very helpful in deciding conclusions about their authority in the matter. The two mentioned in the team are the Editor and Deputy Editor. The information is provided by several authors. The ones that I looked at provided relatively clear information for someone looking to refresh or learn new tools. I would use this recourse in the future, but I would be selective on which articles I read and what might help me slightly advance my skills or refresh them.


Source #2- Adobe Create


I found this recourse while doing this blog and am kicking myself for not knowing it was under my nose the entire time that I’ve been learning with Adobe products and studying design. Adobe is always changing and updating to keep up with new trends. Adobe is a well-known source for the design world and is very well trusted as many use their products to aid and foster their creativity. There are many tutorials and aids provided on this site and I will most definitely be looking into it and using it as a continued source for my design work.


Source #3- Sitepoint


Looking through some sites I came across this Sitepoint. The articles have the authors and the dates attached very visibly right below the titles, making it very clear to see how up-to-date the articles are. There is a large list of the team behind Sitepoint, though there isn’t a lot of information on their credentials. Among these team members there are quite a few editors keeping the site in check. These articles are very appealing and easy to understand. This is a simple source to find helpful tips for both designers, business owners and designers working with business owners.

Content Management Comparison

The top 5 content management sites as of June 2020

  1. WordPress
  2. Drupal
  3. Joomla
  4. Squarespace
  5. Wix

WordPress- Began popularity with bloggers and has since grown to allow many different uses. There is a free option as well as a paid option. Users are able to customize the look and feel of their website as well as how things look and flow on the back end. There are many plugins available to further create a website that works for what a site needs are. However, there are some issues with security and should be updated often.

Drupal- Though also free this CMS is of a more advanced nature and would not be well suited for a beginner. Though it can be used for blogs, forums, or other common sites it has abilities that put it in a position to work best for larger scaled work. It has security features, multilingual abilities, and custom post creation which can contribute to some difficulties if the user doesn’t have experience in web development.

Joomla-Similar to WordPress and Drupal this is a free CMS. Like Drupal it is not beginner friendly however have a user manual and training videos to aid those with less web development experience. There are many templates available to customize sites as well as being mobile friendly, multilingual, and can support multi- level permissions.

Squarespace-Unlike the previously mentioned, this CMS does cost $16 per month to start and there are subscription options for businesses and other tiers in order to achieve certain desires of a site. This CMS allows for a kind of one place for it all for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs. Very little web development experience is needed to create an appealing, easy to use site. For individuals choosing to, there are themes that can be modified with CSS. This CMS is great for a beginner and small website but as needs become bigger it is possible there will become a need to find a different CMS.

Wix-Like Squarespace this CMS has payment plans of varying degrees. The starting point is $13 per month and can be as high as $500 per month. The abilities and creation are also similar to Squarespace. Beginners are able to design a site with basic drag-and-drop techniques and have a domain name, email, web hosting analytics, and SSL certificate. Wix caters to many different kinds of sites for business allowing real-time tracking for online stores, online menus for catering or restaurants.


Content Management Systems

Content management systems are changing web design by opening up the capabilities of running a site to more people. Whether it be for pleasure or business more people are able to be involved on the web. People who previously might not have felt like they could design a website because they didn’t know anything about HTML and CSS or felt like they couldn’t afford to pay someone to design their website are now able to use a content management system and do it themselves.

Though I have a just recently, in the past year, started using Adobe’s Dreamweaver to make smaller websites I find the process fascinating. Learning HTML and CSS has allowed me to have a different understanding for the process of how a website works. Though Dreamweaver has shortcuts and is very helpful it is still very important to know how to use HTML and CSS. This can be a good thing as well as a very challenging thing. Using this kind of system to develop a website can become very confusing very quickly but it also allows you an understanding of how to deconstruct an issue.  A major pain about this type of development is that each page takes huge amounts of work and time to create.

My work with content management systems has been here and there for a few years now. I am no expert by any means however I do enjoy the simplicity of this type of system. Of course, this is work done by others that you can put in place such as themes. In this type of development I don’t feel like I have as much control as a web developer and that if something goes wrong I’m not as quickly able to fix or understand the issue however the fix to that is that content management system have a contact to aid in those kinds of situations.

Overall, I see benefits to both kinds of website development and I really think the deciding factor depends on the extent of knowledge with HTML and CSS as well as the purpose of the site.




Midterm Research Project: Privacy, Security, Hacks, and Leaks

There are many types of digital threats in the world today. Just to scrape the surface here are a few of them.

  • Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Natural Disasters
  • Cloud Storage Applications
  • Employee Data Security Breach

Phishing is a scam where a malicious actor pretends to be someone they are not and by doing so request information that when given, could hurt your business and/or your clients. If an employee were to mistake this malicious actor as who they are pretending to be and gave them company information this person could either have access to client information and hurt our client and then hurting our reputation. Or they could use our information and mess with financial aspects of the business. Ransomware is when you get a virus that states it can only be removed by paying a ransom. If an employee were to open a suspicious email and contract a virus it is possible that this could end up as ransomware.

Though natural disasters are not necessarily digital threats, they can cause a digital threat. If procedures are not in place to back up data safely if power is to go out or if computers are damaged, then a natural disaster can cause a huge destruction to your work and digital information.

With the cloud being such a convenient way to store data with an “out of sight, out of mind” kind of idea it can be easy to let the security of your data stored in the cloud become threatened by cybercriminals.

Sometimes intentional, sometimes not, an employee with access to the business’ data can pose a threat by either unconsciously opening the wrong email or by selling data after a loss of employment.

A few digital systems that our business has in place would be:

  • Email
  • Data Storage
  • Credit/Debit Card Information
  • Customer Information
  • Vendor Information

These functions could all be subject to breach which would be bad for the business, the customers, and the vendor. Email in a company is always subject to data breach whether it be through employees opening malicious emails or answering emails without encrypting secure information. This could also become a threat if the password doesn’t have a regular span of time in which it needs changed or a requirement for the structure of a password.

If customer or vendor information is not secured with proper passwords and either selective access or dual control this information can become easily accessible which puts your clients and vendors at risk, and this will most definitely hurt your business’s reputation.

Along with customer information it is important to keep credit/debit card processes up to date in order to further help protect this aspect of your business.

Data storage can be a tricky process. Needing to make sure that where or how you store and back up your data is secure. It is important to update anything necessary to keep the security of your stored data. Using a reliable source to store data is also very important for security. It might cost the business’s more up front, but it could safe from security problems especially as the business grows.

As chief technology executive I would recommend taking precautions to keep our security in good standings.

  • Put in place training for employees on email security and how to recognize phishing and other types of malicious emails.
  • In order to protect data from natural disasters or other related incidences I would suggest that there be regularly timed backups to save data and a system in place to secure data during power outages.
  • It is recommended that as many processes as possible have automatic updates in place and those that cannot be automatically updated have a systematic evaulation of when they need updated allowing those updates to be noticed and executed as quickly as possible.
  • In the event that an employee is terminated or chooses to no longer work with the business their access to all records and data should immediately be blocked
  • Our business should use a reliable and strongly secure cloud application for storage with regular updates and this information should be separated into levels of information that allows access to only those that is necessary to do their part in the business.

Keeping our business secure is an ever-changing task. It calls for much training and continuous effort to stay on top of what malicious actors are working on next as wells as being aware of our own shortcomings and being able to find ways to educate and change these issues.



Understanding Social Media Demographics

According to statista.com Facebook was the social media site with the most active users in April 2020. Followed by Youtube and WhatsApp.


Facebook is a home for people to post, really anything they would like. They’re able to keep in touch with friends from long ago, family from far away, or friends they’ve made through the internet, or even as a place to promote your business. Facebook allows you to share links, photos, videos, other people’s posts as well as your own unique content.

YouTube is a platform to upload videos. This could be done to help boost your business, to create informative videos, to create videos just for fun, to advertise products.

WhatsApp is a form of instant messaging. This app allows text, picture, video, voice messaging as well as calling. People may be more likely to use this because it has calling capabilities as well as messaging.

Demographics are statistics of a particular group, such as age. This is important for the managers that social media site to know who is using their product and how-to better appeal to them. As someone using these sites for a business it is also important to know your audience and how to appeal to them or even to know if that particular site is where you want to spend your recourses.

Omnicoreagency.com states that almost 90% of Facebook activity comes from outside the US/Canada. This is a much higher percentage than I would have guessed.


Average Social Media Site Usage:

Facebook: Per Day-58 minutes

YouTube: Per Day-40 minutes

WhatsApp: Per Day-28 minutes


Of the three I would say Facebook seems to be growing the fastest. This is a site has had a long standing and with all the events of 2020 people are staying connected how they know best.


Majority of visitors accessing Facebook are mobile users.


Over 70% of people using YouTube are mobile users.


WhatsApp has a large mobile base of users but is working to be more flexible for desktop usage as well.



Evolution of the Web

  1. According to broadandsearch.net in 2019 more people accessed the web using their computers. Though the percentage was close, 53% of web users were from mobile devices while 56.7% were from computers.


  1. The World Wide web is made up of hypertext which allows the user to be connected to documents, images, sounds, movies, etc.


An International community make up the control system for the Web. This community is                     made up of Member organizations, staff, and the public. Tim Berners Lee and Jeffery Jaffe help to lead this community in establishing standards to bring the Web to its full potential.


  1. Tim Berners Lee is the director of the World Wide Web community. He is known as the inventor of the Web with his team at CERN who worked to create HyperText Transfer Protocol or HTTP, which is a language used to communicate between servers and clients. This technology opened the doors to the Web.


  1. A blog is a website where you can find journal like entries or informational contributions in a fashion that can be viewed with the latest information showing first. This can be done by an individual or a group. The use for a blog depends on your motive. A blog can be for personal enjoyment to share projects, experiences, etc. Overall a blog is used to create connection. If you are using a blog for a business standpoint you are looking to have a way to bring your customers to your site and bring awareness of your site, creating higher Web visibility.


  1. A responsive website design is a way of creating a website so that it will adjust to the platform the viewer is using. If a viewer is using a phone the website will respond to the sizing of such a small screen versus that of a laptop.


  1. With all the different types of devices that have Web access capabilities it is important to design websites to be compatible with each different format. It is necessary for a website to be “responsive” in order for viewers to be able to consume the information on the site.


  1. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a way of boosting the amount of quality visits to your site without using paid advertising to bump your site to the top of a search list. Website owners/managers should be concerned with SEO because it can be a great tool to organically draw more people to your website.


  1. Dynamic content is when the web makes subtle changes based on data retrieved about a user’s preferences, previously viewed, location, etc. This allows for a more personalized experience on the web.


  1. A content management system is a platform that allows people without knowledge of HTML (hypertext Markup Language) and CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) to contribute to a webpage and its design as well as create, publish, and store content. WordPress is a content management system I have recently worked with.


  1. A Youtube channel is a place where the owner of an account can upload, organize, and store video content for viewers. Youtube allows an extra layer of content for a website. Adding video to a website can add more value to posts by giving viewers a visual or more personal experience with the owner of a site or business. A Youtube channel can be created by anyone and depending on what you put into it, it can hold many benefits to an individual or business.

Welcome Everyone!

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If I’ve learned anything in the past few years of life its that the unexpected is going to happen,. You can be as prepared as you want, life will still throw you curve balls, and often.

My name is Dianna, I have been making huge life changes for the past three years and I don’t regret a single one. I’m a momma of a beautiful little girl and a handsome bonus son. I live on a llama farm and am always expanding the farm as best I can,  all while going to school for digital media work.

Needless to say, herding cats, is what I feel like I’m doing on a regular basis. Think about it, trying to herd a bunch of cats would be quite a feet. So I’m here juggling the chaos of life sometimes better than others. Tag along and see how it goes!