Adding Images to a Post / Page

Images can be added to a post (or page) by using the Add Media button above the content window.

  1. Login to First time users, please refer to the Getting Started Guide.
  2. Navigate to the post or page for which you would like to upload an image.
  3. Click on the Add Media button above the main content window. A pop-up appears.
  4. If you already uploaded images using the Media Library, select your image and skip to step #6.If you have not uploaded your images, click the Upload Files tab.
  5. You can upload images using one of two methods:
  • Drag and drop the photo from your computer to the Insert Media area.
  • Click Select Files. Find the appropriate file and choose the image.
  • After the upload is complete, the meta data information appears below. There are a number of options for adding/editing metadata such as title, alternate text, caption, etc. All fields, except Title, are optional.

    TIP: We recommend including a description of the image in the Alternate Text field, as it will make your blog more accessible to visitors who utilize screen readers.

  • Once you have filled in your metadata, use the Alignment and Size options to the positioning and placement of your image.
  • Click Insert Into Post when you are satisfied with the metadata and formatting.

  • Once you insert an image into a post, you can edit your metadata or image positioning:
  • Click on the image. A selection of options appear. Click one of the four alignment icons to change the image position.
  • Choose the Edit Image pencil icon to edit the image metadata. The Image Details pop-up appears.

  • Adjust as needed and click Update.