Accessibility in U.COTC

Some individuals cannot easily assess auditory or visual data and use assistive devices that require transcripts or closed captions to help the visual or hearing impaired. This article provides resources to help make your site accessible to all visitors.

It is our job, and the college’s¬†policy, to make sure our multimedia files are accessible to all users, not just those who can see and hear. Because U.COTC is powered by WordPress, a great deal of the work is already done for you. However, you should still take the time and patience to maintain accessibility standards when creating your content.

When you are posting images to your site, including a description of the image in the alternate text field makes it more accessible to screen readers. If you include video or audio elements, we recommend that captions, text transcripts or other text-based materials be provided as well. The following links will help you get started:

Making a Video Accessible (PDF)

Adding Transcripts and Captions to YouTube (PDF)

Viewing Transcripts or Captions in YouTube (PDF)

U.COTC upgraded to WordPress 3.8 in February 2014, which includes additional accessibility features to all sites:

  • Make list table row actions keyboard accessible
  • Improved color contrast