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Campus Cleaning Protocols

In addition to the usual daily housekeeping activities (cleaning restrooms, trash collection, sweeping, etc.) the facilities department has established enhanced daily housekeeping operations that meet or exceed the cleaning and disinfecting standards for campus readiness defined by The Ohio State University during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additional cleaning protocols include:

  • Daily cleaning of door handles, tables, ATMs and other high-touch surfaces.
  • Daily disinfecting of the two open computer labs on the Newark campus (Founders Hall 180 and Reese Center 206) and the computer labs at the COTC extended campuses (Coshocton campus: Montgomery Hall room 265 (PC lab) and room 345 (Mac lab), Knox campus: Ariel Hall room 10, Pataskala Campus Annex: room 2F).
  • Use of sanitizing misters throughout campus spaces each evening. The disinfecting/sanitizing products are Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approved for killing COVID-19.
  • Disinfectant wipes supplied to each classroom and lab used during autumn semester.
  • Disinfectant wipes or spray and paper towels supplied to high-volume areas on campus.
  • Required use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for all custodians.

First shift housekeeping operations have been ongoing, and cleaning and sanitizing processes were employed in classrooms and labs during the summer semester. Second shift housekeeping operations will resume on August 17.


Campus Signage

COVID-related signage referencing CDC guidance for hand washing, mandatory face masks and social distancing requirements, as well as floor and seat stickers to ensure that safe distances are maintained, have been installed throughout all campus buildings.


Hand Sanitizer

The number of public hand-sanitizing stations throughout campus has been more than doubled through a combination of wall-mounted and cardboard dispensing units.

Personal bottles of hand sanitizer are being distributed to all faculty and staff offices.


Digital Touchless Thermometers

Touchless, wall-mounted thermometers will be installed outside the Office of Public Safety in the Warner Center and at each of the COTC extended campuses.


Disposable Masks

A plastic bag containing 10-12 disposable masks will be placed at the instructor’s podium in all classrooms and labs that will be in use during autumn semester as well as in student-facing administrative offices. Custodial staff will check this supply as part of their daily rounds.


Furniture Reconfigurations and Plexiglas Screens

The furniture in all public spaces has been moved and/or relocated to promote social distancing.

The tables and chairs in all classrooms and labs being utilized this autumn have been arranged to follow Ohio State’s spacing guidelines.

Plexiglas screens have been fabricated and installed in various student/public-serving areas.

The exercise equipment in the Adena Recreation Center has been rearranged and/or moved into the gymnasium to promote social distancing.


Air Filters

New, high-density air filters will be installed in all campus buildings.